Director of Photography

Photographer |  for Video, Film or TV Production
or Still Photographs

Background: Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media, began his career in video, and television production as a professional cameraman in the Denver Colorado news market while attending college for these trades, as well for professional photography. Working at Denver Television 8, Nick also became expert in editing, sound mixing, and lighting, both in-studio and on location, as well all types of camera operation in video, as well film production. Becoming a freelance director of photography, photographer & videographer was his ultimate ambition and his passion today covering all aspects of video, film and television production in specific types. Nick has honed his production skills, in addition to his exceptional camera talent evolving with camera technology, ensuring clients a singular point of contact for shooting individually, or directing of any-sized camera crew. Nick enjoys his profession and demonstrates that for every hiring producer, company, and client. He feels fortunate that, as a freelancer, he is able to videotape, record, photograph and film for a global client base with many camera resources, as well, ample diverse experience. Having started with videotape, 35mm still film and motion picture film, Nick has kept these acquisition techniques, as well evolved with modern cameras in still photography, motion picture production, 4K or HD video cameras; enabling the clients particular preference to be met, regardless of location or end delivery or broadcast.

UFC Live shot in Colorado Sprigns CO on the left, and corporate video production in Denver CO on the right by cinematographer, DP/director of photography Nick Teti.
UFC Live shot in Colorado Sprigns CO on the left, and corporate video production in Denver CO on the right by cinematographer, DP/director of photography Nick Teti.

DP or videographer for Video Production, Film, Web or Television Productions

If you are a business needing a video produced/made for your company, or are a producer or other organization needing production support including shooting, recording, filming, editing, graphics or animation, voice over recordings, file conversion, upload to the web or YouTube or delivered to DVD/Blue Ray, or shared on social media, Mister Photon Media provides these professional services as well, in Denver, or any part of Colorado. Additionally Nick is a professional still photographer having several still cameras, as well support gear for professional commercials needs, for business or for journalism clients. Our expertise in producing, directing and arranging productions include:

  • Television Commercials, or other advertising.
  • Corporate video production / video communications for internal or external messaging.
  • Business video productions for advertising, PR, recruiting or other company needs.
  • Infomercials for internet or for television production.
  • Expertise & services of multiple use video production messages.
  • Training videos, demonstration videos production, education or information videos.
  • Motivational videos for employees, businesses, team building or other message.
  • Videotaping, filming & recording with specific cameras, as well camera support technology.
  • Videographer, director of photography or personnel for specific television productions / programs –
    or for web video campaigns, YouTube video productions, or non broadcast video productions.
  • Video, film, HD, NTSC, or PAL video crews or television crews with specific camera equipment or gear.
  • ENG, SNG, live shots, or other network broadcasts or cable television productions.
  • Documentary production for news, feature or educational film, social awareness, or other message.
  • Recording interviews / interviewing for business, or film or television networks, producers & other organizations.
  • Sports player profiles, interviews or covering sporting events, broadcast, or other related expertise.
  • Political television commercials, Youtube / web video  or media for political campaigns or conventions..
  • PR / public relations videos or business image video production.
  • Conference videotaping, recording, photography by videographer, professional photographer or a video crew.
  • B Roll / B-ROLL or the entire program recorded or filmed, including the interviewing, live action, recreations or other content.
  • Television crews or personnel for reality television & factual entertainment.
  • TV crew services for other broadcast programs or cable networks.
  • Journalism, investigative reporting, magazine shows, & related services.
  • Recruiting video, franchise or organization or business or team building.
  • Reality TV or factual entertainment.
  • Testimonial video production & credibility video campaigns.
  • Re-Creation or reenactment video for production or television
  • Any type of network television programming acquisition, or for any type of cable TV programming or the top networks.
  • Footage acquired & transferred the same day to hiring clients, including format conversion.
  • Among other expertise that can help any client produce a video, film or television program.
Various types of productions with Nick Teti including ENG news for ABC national news, the 2008 Democratic National Convention, and a television video production sample in Morrison Colorado.
Aside from providing cinematographer,director of photography or photographer services Nick provides HD, film, 4K video crew or other camera crews.

Nick is also, of course, quite experienced in Colorado’s major production areas including Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Aurora, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Lone Tree, Centennial, Highlands Ranch,Littleton, Lakewood, Broomfield, Westminster, Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Thornton, Northglenn, Westminster, Sheridan, Glendale, Vail, Aspen, Keystone, Breckenridge, Commerce City, Pueblo, and Parker, Central City, Black Hawk, CO. Aside from these areas Nick’s video, film & television production experience spans most of the state, many other states and several countries as well.

In addition to his Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and broadcast television background (all types of network & cable from factual entertainment, reality television, sports, journalism, current affairs, business video production, advertising / TV commercials, etc.), Nick has extensive experience in features, corporate video, political campaigns, concerts/live events, conferences, among many other production niches that you may require, along with crew, equipment, as well the planning solutions.

Professional Photography & Still Photographer Services

Nick is a professional still photographer providing photography services to businesses, organizations, journalism, advertising, individuals or anyone else needing quality & professionalism. His experience includes or advertising, portraits, events, conventions, conferences, news / journalism, business to business or business to consumer advertising, politics/political campaigns, product advertising, media for training or demonstration among other assignments for varied clients.

Director of Photography Nick provided DP and camera crew services on ABC's "The Bachelor."
Director of Photography Nick provided DP and camera crew services on ABC’s “The Bachelor.”

Camera Crew Members: TV, ENG, EFP, Corporate or HD video, Film, or other type of production

Aside from the videographer, director of photography, photographer and production services, Mister Photon Media also offers personnel: AKA crew member services for video, film or television productions. For any type of client needing the support of people with the specific production expertise, along with the right equipment, Mister Photon Media has the solution whether you are producing for live television, for a TV program to air later, a corporate video production, a documentary, an event or conference or any other type; our company can help yours create any message, film, broadcast, advertisement or program. These crew members include:

  • Director of Photography
  • Still Photographer
  • Cameraman or Camera Operator
  • Gaffer
  • Grip
  • Data Wrangler or Data Manager
  • DIT / digital imaging technician or video editor
  • Assistant Camera / AC, aka a camera assistant or assist
  • PA / Production Assistant
  • Producer
  • Director
  • One-Man-Band
  • Teleprompter Operator
  • Makeup Artist
  • Location Scout
  • other personnel expertise

These experts at production are equipped with specific gear for any type of assignment, in any area of Colorado.

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