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Director of Photography with Camera Crew
in Eastern Colorado

Need a cinematographer or photographer or a camera crew in an eastern CO area? The eastern Colorado areas starts from Brighton, considered to most or Greeley or Fort Lupton for the larger populated cities in the state. Nick & Mister Photon Media’s services as a director of photography with or sans a camera crew have covered most of east Colorado and beyond, as well most of Colorado.

From Nick, Below are map links to Google Maps for your reference that open in a new tab, as I like to work call me for your director of photography or for camera crew services in any of these areas or wherever else needed in Colorado with specific cameras, lighting equipment, grip, sound or other camera support gear, as well the specific production genre experience. 

Video, Film & Television Production Demo Reel

Why hire a local location director of photography with a camera crew in Eastern Colorado like Nick / Mister Photon?

Traveling a dependable camera crew, film, television or video crew with a director of photography to a location in Colorado can be rather pricey costing airline fees, airport parking, hotels, local parking fees, gas and rental cars if your crew is larger. Depend on Nick & Mister Photon Media for a local freelance with specific cameras, and the camera support gear like lighting, grip equipment, monitors, plus other gear in whatever Colorado area you need for your production. As a veteran DOP/DP can meet your video, film or television production with additional gear so you can pack light, and I take every clients shoots as #1, with references to prove this.  (Nick Teti). As I started in television production in 1990, my additional skills can assist you so you make your flight if you need a single director of photography working solo or to join your video, film or television crew. I take your footage as utmost importance as you spent the time on airline costs or travel costs, as well your production budget and your reputation depends on top footage, that’s me for your cinematographer, as well to bring the most talented crew members for your specific production needs.

Read my resume above for my background and qualifications. 

Professional Still Photographer / Commercial Photography Services

If you need a photographer for advertising a place, service or product, for portraits, head shots, to cover conferences, events, press release or media or for journalism, I provide these services with still photographs as well.

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For a cost quote, rate, for Colorado or other video, film or television production related services as your dependable freelance director of photography or for a complete camera crew. If you need camera crew members with specific equipment and expertise, for either film, video or television production, I can provide these resources as well. If you need a professional photographer for photography of specific type, my services cover many types.

Various film, video and television productions in Colorado by Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media.
Various film, video and television productions in Colorado and in other countries by Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media.