Need a director of photography or complete Colorado FS7 camera crew in Colorado

Nick and his camera crew provide Sony PXW-FS7 video crews in Colorado, including the major production areas such as Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins, Vail, Aspen, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, Dillon, Cripple Creek, Central City, Black Hawk, Durango, Telluride, Snowmass, or where needed in the state.

The FS7 is a versatile camera able to record up to 4K, UHD or HD common formats like 1080i or p in both NTSC or PAL settings. The FS7 can also over or under-crank on frame rates. Our FS7 camera package comes with the extension unit enabling the RAW output, as well internal QuickTime Pro ProRes/HQ formats.

Why shoot with the FS7?

2 Modes, to Choose

The camera has both common or CUSTOM MODE or CineEI modes with CineEI modes having more contrast capabilities, and color depth. The Custom Mode is a What You See is What You Get picture, whereas CineEI looks flat with less contrast, however the post production process is more advanced and can yield images with better contrast, as well color. The camera records to XQD cards and there are other makers as well for these cards aside from Sony as well, such as Lexar, among others, enabling FS7 owners options for storage budgets.

Versatile Recording Codecs

The XDCA-FS7 extension unit enables QuickTime ProRes & HQ formats, however the camera by itself can record MPEG or XAVC-I or XAVC-L formats.

  • MPEG 4-2-2, is a 720p or 1080 format recording choice
  • XAVC-L is a 1080 or 4K format camera mode
  • XAVC-I, includes 1080 formats or 4K or UHD resolutions, the most choices per codec.
  • RAW – is output from the cameras sensor, enabled by the extension unit
  • QuickTime ProRes, enabled by the optional extension unit.
  • QuickTime ProRes HQ, enabled by the optional extension unit.

Versatile lens choices

With the E-Mount lens series, as well adapters like the MetaBone EF adapter the director of photography, videographer, cameraman or camera woman can take the FS7 anywhere for differing shots. There are also a few E-Mount to PL Mount adapters, such as Wooden Camera’s adapter available as well.

Great Picture with an Embraced Camera

The FS7 even in 720p format HD or any other resolution makes great video, and can be used for all types of productions, including film making. It’s variable bit rate as well per second is also great enabling post production choices, as well enabling media storage space management, when you need to stretch the day out without formatting cards, that can preserve your entire days footage with enough XQD cards. Variable bit rates allow less compressed or more compressed file sizes in your video recordings.

Aside from the FS7 camera, Nick also owns the FS700R camera with 4K output, as well similar features. Docked to our Atomos, we can record externally Quicktime ProRes or DNxHD in variable quality. This is a second camera alternative, as well, we have additional Sony FS7 camera packages at our access as well.


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