Video: Corporate Video

Corporate Video Production Samples

Nick Teti introduces these corporate video production samples below with a brief narrative when needed.

Cancer Research Center Corporate Video Production, Testimonial

Law Firm / Lawyer Profile, 2 Camera Shoot

Nick the DP/dop/director of photography camera operation, as well lighting and sound mixing as well for the shoot, effectively making a 2 person HD video crew for the hiring client doubling as the sound recordist and DP. Nick Teti & David Achilles provided the camera crew for this corporate video production. We had limited time to light the subjects to our liking due to uncooperative building management, delaying our entry into our clients office with the person interviewed also having a constrained time schedule that day. But we got er’ done.

2 Camera Interviews with Canon C300 cameras:
Corporate Video Production, in Denver, Broomfield & Boulder Colorado

This is a sampling from the entire corporate video production, using testimonial interviews for this advertising/sales marketing video production.

All State Corporate Video Production in Denver Colorado,
Aurora, & Montbello CO areas

Before / After Green Screen Video Production, testimonial style, by cameraman Nick in Denver CO

Telly Award, Best Corporate Video

T-Mobile, “All-In”

Aside from from this Telly Award, Nick’s awards for camera work also include Emmy, Accolade among some independent awards from other peer competitions.

Interview Montage, for
RED Robin Restaurants:
sales & marketing video production

Producers for Red Robin have hired Nick as a videographer and director of photography with Mister Photon Media’s camera crews for local services from the personnel to other solutions to produce television advertising or commercials, corporate videos, video news releases, training videos for employees, demonstration videos. Our camera crews additional experience includes sports profiles, journalism, interviews, specific TV programming, film production, live television among other type of varied productions. For business needing video, television or film production our crew helps hiring producers, production companies, networks or businesses among others needs.

Oracle, Corporate Video Production

These types of specific corporate video productions have included testimonials, sales or marketing pieces, employee training, communications or other informational videos, among other business video production. Nick / Mister Photon Media can help on any type of business video production providing crews for producers for several years on various business video productions.

Corporate video production for Weltok,
in Denver CO

Here is another one man band cameraman, DP, and sound mixing example for you for a corporate video production for Weltok. Nick was hired by Sherpa as a local DP in Denver to shoot this production. If you need camera crew members in Colorado and you’re traveling into Colorado, Mister Photon Media provides these services as well if you’re already bringing a director of photography. If you need a sound guy with additional lighting gear, we can help here too, so you do not have to travel so much gear when shooting in Colorado when you come from another state. If you need a gaffer with gear, or other support, our expertise spans these roles, aside from camera, we can provide the camera crew, TV, film, ENG or corporate video crew shooting in Colorado, or the crew members to support you. For any client’s scale of production.

Corporate Video Production,
Kaiser Permanente, Denver Colorado

This business video production was shot for Kaiser Permanente in the Denver Tech Center at the Colorado corporate headquarters. The DTC is surrounded by Greenwood Village, Englewood, Aurora, Parker, and Lone Tree areas. This video production was created before HD video cameras and technology had became available, however; you get the picture that Nick has have been shooting for a long time.

Portion of a Qwest / Centurylink corporate video production

This is a brief introduction showing a few samples from a longer corporate video production for Century Link recorded in that Downtown Denver office. This company was currently being acquired and formerly known as Qwest Communications, so no titles we’re used as it was a transition video production. The B-Roll give an introduction, and the interview follows.

Corporate Video Production: To-Camera Video
Pre-Recorded message, for Bill Gates, Microsoft

This pre-recorded to-camera address was to be played at a corporate conference for the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and recorded with the Canon EOS C300 camera. If you are looking for an experienced cinematographer, or even camera operator to run your camera, Mister Photon Media has the experience with several cameras in ownership, as well several others, and often operate several other producers or networks’ cameras preferences. This as recorded in the Thornton Colorado area.

ARCHER, Boulder CO Corporate Video Production,
Dual Use Broadcast

AT&T Corporate & TV Commercial dual use video samples

This is a sampling of footage used in a sales/marketing video production, as well employee motivation video production that served corporate communications, as well for a TV commercial advertising campaign recorded in the Loveland & Fort Collins CO areas. The main content was a produced green screen video.