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Documentaries and Film Production 

Director of Photography Nick Teti has one one award in a documentary category in the Accolade Awards as the director of photography for the film, “Inspire Me,” an educational documentary started by the national science foundation. Nick’s cinematography awards for camera work also include Emmy, Telly, Natas and some independent awards as well. Nick’s experience on documentaries is narrated below introducing the videos in this documentary category, as well in film production, as well in television production.

National Geographic TV Documentary on the Columbine HS Shootings

 This cable TV documentary aired on National Geographic TV about the Columbine HS shootings in the 1990’s.

Deep Undercover Episode, Denver CO,
One-Man-Band Camera

I provided DP, as a one man band shooting, lighting, and mixing sound for this program. I shot this wide as there to be graphics elements keyed to the left and right during this A Roll/interview flushing out the story of one episode of “Deep Undercover.” The main story is about a famous narcotics detective in Denver whom had several drug busts under his belt. This is a crime show documentary.

Trailer for a Netflix Documentary Film, Destination Team USA

This is not the entire film, as you need to watch this on Netflix to watch the entire film about Olympic Hopeful athletes who do and don’t make Team USA for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The camera used was an Arri Amira for this feature.

5K RED Epic Dragon documentary

This documentary series was filmed with RED Epic Dragon cameras where I provided sound guy services across the Boulder Colorado areas including Boulder, Louisville, Longmont & Lafayette with gear. I m highly familiar with RED camera sync as well mixing & recording audio techniques, as well operating RED cameras as a director of photography.

Discovery Channel, On the Case with Paula Zahn Excerpt

This is a portion of an entire program resolving the criminal case of Brent Brents, whom terrorized Denver before being arrested in Glennwood Springs Colorado. I provided a several assignments to Discovery on other productions as well. This production contains reenactments including a police chase, the interviews, among B Roll detailing this true crime television story. Go back UP to the top of page.

Indy Film Production, The Gold Nugget

This is an indy film with a gag like ending titled “The Gold Nugget.” I provided gaffer services only on this one.