Video: Testimonial

Testimonial Style Video Production & Advertising Videos (introduction)

For business or other organizations needing credibility, PR/public relations, to advertise, to educate or to inform, the testimonial video with interviews is a good tool for their audience, or customers. Educational or non profit organizations often also rely on the testimonial video for a useful communications tool as well. Nick as a director of photography, and director has ample testimonial video production, as well for broadcast television commercials, as well in infomercials.

Before / After Green Screen Video Production, Denver CO

(Nick) If you need a director of photography who is well versed at shooting green screens / chroma key videos that editors will have minimal time to key, call on Nick as a solo videographer, DP or to bring a camera crew as well.  I have additional white limbo, and other color specific background shooting experience as well. Green Screen and limbo or colored backgrounds take specific lighting experience, as well the gear, and I have it all right here for you as a client in Colorado, or travel me and my camera crew for your video, film or television production. Aside from these lighting skills, I have all the tricks and lighting devices for other effects like patterns, multi colored backgrounds or enhancing existing scenes or hopeless backgrounds into better video. This video above uses an interview approach with the before, and after result demonstrating Nick Teti’s camera / videographer skills, as well as lighting.

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2 Camera Canon C300, Corporate Video Production in Denver, Broomfield & Boulder CO

This business video production was recorded / produced in Denver Colorado, as well Broomfield, and Boulder areas. This is only a section of this marketing & sales video using testimonial interviews in a montage fashion for a business advertising it’s services.

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Oracle, Corporate Video Production

If you require post production, aside from a director of photography, video crew, or crew members, Nick & Mister Photon Media provides these services for video production, film or television productions, for business or whatever type of client or network. These specific programs have included testimonials, sales or marketing pieces, employee training, communications or other informational videos, among other assignments. In this instance, this direct to camera address uses a client based testimonial to camera to in an interview style approach featuring Oracles technology benefits to clients.

Testimonial Video Production in Denver CO,
JE Dunn Construction

This advertising piece uses client/customer interviewed testimonials to feature the bettering differences of JE Dunn in their customer service approach. These recorded interviews advertise JE Dunn’s interactive approach to construction, and it’s attention to customer requirements during all phases of the construction project for Denver Crime Lab/Laboratory.

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John Deere Equipment Marketing Video

This is a testimonial approach to sell John Deere construction equipment to it’s existing customer base by introducing a new equipment line. The video advertisement new improvements over prior equipment / excavators from John Deere by interviewing its using customer base to inform other potential buyers or existing clients the benefits and features of the newly introduced excavator line. This video production was recorded at the Climax Colorado Mine. If you need a director of photography/cameraman or video crew in any part of Colorado or traveling, or a videographer with or without a camera crew anywhere in the state or traveling, Nick of Mister Photon Media is there.

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