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From Nick. As a director of photography, cameraman & professional photographer I have covered news of all types, that is called ENG or electronic news gathering in broadcast television production. Television shows like Dateline, 60 Minutes, 20 /20, A Current Affair, Lou Dobbs Tonight, Nightline, The Early Show, Justice with Judge Jeanine, The Early Show, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, The Today Show among several others, as well other news pieces are on my resume. As a cameraman I have also won Emmy awards for my news cameraman experience for ABC News (one for Colorado Flood Coverage, one for a news report on the street gang The Mexican Mafia). Any type of news story, or documentary, investigative report, live shot, long form piece or magazine show is in my background. One magazine show I worked on won several Emmy Awards, the series known as Metro Beat TV. I have also shot as a news cameraman or ENG video crew for every domestic US network, or provided a ENG video crew for several.

Police Interview, FOX National News

This is a a brief interview sample recorded in the Lakewood CO area that does not include the B ROLL.

ABC National News, Good Morning America,
Crime Story Coverage

This is sampling from a piece for ABC Good Morning America for the murder trial of Harry Henthorn at the Federal Courthouse in Denver CO. He was convicted of murdering his second wife, as well now is under investigation for the murder of his first wife. Both of these cases we motivated by Life Insurance claims. Aside from ABC National  news may freelance and former staff experience spans other networks such as BBC, Fuji, CNN, CBS, BBC, PBS, TV Asahi, FOX, NBC, Nine, ABC Australia, among several others. Some sampling of particular news or investigative reporting television include Dateline, 20/20, 60 Minutes, Lou Dobbs, The O’Reiley Factor, A Current Affair, On the Case with Paula Zahn, Solved, among several other particular journalism and investigative types of programming.

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CNN News Piece,
“Prenatal Promise,” Lou Dobbs Tonight

I have worked for various CNN shows, and CNN broadcasts in Colorado, traveling through the USA and to a few other countries as well. Most of this was recorded in Denver CO, as well Denver Health.

CNN 10th Special Forces Piece,
CNN Heroes

This piece details the heroism of Master Sgt. Rob Flouney, in Iraq for the 10th Special Forces, (The Green Barets’ as their name). Some sample networks I have worked for several times over years include CNN, ABC, ABC News, CBS, CBS News, APTV, BBC & BBC News, TV Asahi, Fuji TV, The Weather Channel, ESPN various, History, Discovery, National Geographic, NBC & NBC News, among many others. I have also provided videographer services for EPK/ electronic press kits and VNR/ video news release pieces as well. This was recorded in Colorado Springs CO, as well Iraq.

CNN Piece, Outsourcing Airline Safety

This ENG/News story was shot by Nick Teti providing photojournalism services covering how airlines source out maintenance, among other services; in turn raising concerns that air travel safety is compromised. A majority of this footage was recorded in Aurora, as well Centennial CO areas.

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News Correspondent, Live, ABC National News

This news report stand up features ABC News Clayton Sandell, reporting on a nightly news piece. As a photojournalist I am am well versed in all aspects of camera work from lighting, composition, storytelling, sound mixing and other required technical operations that are required in national, as well global news. My background as a cameraman & DP started in the news television as a news cameraman/photojounalist market in Denver before expanding my resume, as well skills. I am still relied on by several broadcast networks for ENG, SNG, as well other types of journalism. These skills benefit other types of video, film or television productions for clients.

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Sample from: On the Case, with Paula Zahn

This is the SD version from “On the Case, With Paula Zahn.” I do not have copies of the original HD videotapes, but obtained the edited version from the producers for this portfolio page. Like other investigative reporting stories I have worked on as a director of photography and photojournalist are listed below. This was recorded mostly in The Glennwood Springs & Denver CO areas.

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MetroBeat TV, Roller Dolls Sample


MetroBeat TV, Cyber Bullying, Part 1

Semyon Varlamov Court Appearance,
in Denver Colorado

I was hired Zvezda Russia TV to provide ENG video cameraman/photojournalist services for this network for the charges against Colorado Avalache hockey player Semyon Varlamov that were later dropped for domestic assault & kidnapping. Aside from this court case I as a news photojournalist and director of photography I have covered several national, as well global news stories of all types including for magazine shows, documentaries, morning shows, breaking news, investigative journalism, crime TV shows among others. This was quite the gang-bang of media (pardon the humor), as the court room was entirely overrun with news camera people, as well ENG video crews so fighting for shot position is always part of the gig. I have prior footage of this story as well from Semyon Varlamov’s arrest as well not included in this sampling of footage.

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ABC News, Jessica Ridgeway Murder:
B Roll & Interview

(Nick) This is one of the stories I covered as a news cameraman as a solo photojournalist providing camera work, lighting, and sound mixing/recording for ABC National News, and there is additional producer assistance from producer Carol McKinley to form a ENG video crew. This is a sample montage for a few shoots before Jessica Ridgeway’s murderer was discovered, as well her remains were recovered in the Stanley Lake area in Westminster CO. It also details the story of the search for her, as well the discovery. This unfortunate story in disturbing, and I hope the days of these stories end some day. If you need a cameraman/videographer whom can convey a story as a one man band, or with a producer or as a cameraman & producer, this is in my background as well ample other experience as a DP in other types of television production, video production & film.

James Holmes Shooting Story,
ABC National News, Day One

 This is area coverage of James Holme’s apartment and it’s surrounding neighborhood showing a crime scene investigation in the Aurora CO area. I have omitted several of the shots including the establishing shots of the Movie Theater when the shooting occurred, several witness interviews, as well other days in this story, including through trial coverage.

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GoPro Multiple Camera Cop Ride Along,
for Inside Edition

This was a 2 man HD video camera crew shoot for Inside Edition. One of our segments focused on crime, as well the proximity to a certain business that was attracting crime per unusual high amount disproportionately in Lakeside CO. For this shoot we used 3 GoPro cameras that were dash mounted in the police car. We attempted to persuade for one of the cameras to be used on a differing POV, such as the car, as well it’s background or foreground environment, however the producers were more interested in the shot in the interior of the police car. We did end up passing the other media from an additional camera from a pick up in the same shoot day so we could not incorporate this footage into this scene.

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Areas of Experience

As a news cameraman/photojournalist my background includes staff positions, as well freelance positions for local news markets like Denver 8 Television, ABC, CBS, PBS, and NBC, as well these networks national bureaus outside of Denver or Colorado. My national and global news experience also includes providing ENG video crews, SNG video crews, and photojournalist services for several networks across the globe. I have also provided director of photography services to broadcast networks producing news programs or documentaries for ENG or other types of broadcast television, as well have a background of additional production skills that can assist other camera people, networks, producers or crews coming into Colorado or traveling with them. Below is a list of news programs, and types of news outlets that I have worked for.

Some networks based on journalism

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Some Journalism Assignments

  • Crime Stories for breaking news
  • Crime stories for magazine shows, including for
  • Cable TV news and investigative type of journalism programs
  • Dateline
  • Nightline
  • 20 / 20
  • 60 Minutes
  • One The Case with Paula Zahn
  • Solved
  • A Current Affair
  • Inside Edition
  • Americas Most Wanted
  • Extra
  • Entertainment Tonight
  • Justice Judge Jeanine
  • CNN Presents

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As this website is updated as I have time to add past work, as well upcoming future work. Stay tuned to updates on this web page among others on my websites. Thanks again, Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media, Colorado Director of Photography.

Contact: (720) 299-2084 or alternate after hours (303) 346-2377 or email:

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